Sunny Sunday music: Caitlin Rose, ‘Only A Clown’

Photo Credit: Melissa Madison Fuller Caitlin Rose, whose new album, “The Stand-In,” was released March 5.

First of all, an apology: The weather here in Pennsylvania is unusually pleasant (for March, at least.) So I have a hard time not thinking of bright, sunshine-y music this weekend.

This brings me to Caitlin Rose, the 25-year-old singer has a sound that makes her sound mature beyond her years. Her new album, “The Stand-In,” came out last Tuesday, March 5. I’ll post a review later this week. In the meantime, take a listen to the countrified and ridiculously peppy “Only A Clown,” from Rose’s new album.

“Let the band play a song all about love and believin’,” she sings in the chorus. Yes, you lost an hour of sleep today, but lines like that have to put you in a better mood.

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