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Review: Caitlin Rose, “The Stand-In”

Nashville singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose is young. That's unfortunate, because such a superficial detail makes it seem inevitable that she'll be compared to someone like Taylor Swift. And she deserves better. On her sophomore album, "The Stand-In" (released March 5), Rose demonstrates a sensibility that makes … Continue reading Review: Caitlin Rose, “The Stand-In”

Sunny Sunday music: Caitlin Rose, ‘Only A Clown’

First of all, an apology: The weather here in Pennsylvania is unusually pleasant (for March, at least.) So I have a hard time not thinking of bright, sunshine-y music this weekend. This brings me to Caitlin Rose, the 25-year-old singer has a sound that makes … Continue reading Sunny Sunday music: Caitlin Rose, ‘Only A Clown’