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This is the website of Adam Richter. I’m a writer and editor, currently employed by the Reading Eagle. The views published here are my own, and do not represent any organization or individual other than me — with the possible exception of anyone who agrees with me.

I write a column that appears in the Reading Eagle. You can find a selection of news articles I’ve written at this page.

The Richter Scale is where you can find my blog, which I update when the mood strikes.

Since 2018, I have resumed writing plays, after about a 17-year absence. My first was called “Trapped,” and it premiered at the 2018 Reading Theater Project Five-Minute Fringe Festival. Reviewer Susan L. Peña said of the play:

“It’s a tiny gem, a sly social commentary on alternative facts and conspiracy theories with no wasted words.”

Susan L. Peña

Look for more news about plays and theater-related posts at my Plays and Scripts page.

And of course, you can follow me on Twitter at You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

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    Hey adam,

    See seattle times today. Monorail green line goes back to voters again

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