Plays and scripts

Since 2018, I’ve had three 10-minute plays produced by the Reading Theater Project.

“Trapped” is a retelling of “Rapunzel,” this time where the heroine is trapped inside the famous tower but isn’t completely cut off: Now she has a smartphone.

Reviewer Susan Peña had this to say about the play, which was part of the Reading Theater Project’s third annual Five-Minute Fringe Festival:

If I were judging the festival, the hands-down winner would be Adam Richter’s witty “Trapped,” impeccably performed by Jeanette Fotis as Rapunzel, who has been given a smart phone by her prince, and Kath Godwin as her overprotective mother. It’s a tiny gem, a sly social commentary on alternative facts and conspiracy theories with no wasted words.

Susan Peña

In 2019, my play “Dancing Lesson” was part of the fourth annual Five-Minute Fringe Festival.

On Feb. 1, 2020, my one-act “Everybody Hates This Place” was produced as part of the Barley Sheaf Players as part of their annual one-act festival.

My play “Eye Contact” won the Philips’ Mill Community Association’s Emerging Playwright Competition in 2020, and had a virtual staged reading in 2021.

Also in 2021, my monologue “Monster Under the Bed” was performed by Mark Baumgartner for Talking Horse Productions’ original monologue contest.

And if you want to hear one of my plays while outdoors, you can check out my audio play “Mirror Pond,” designed to be listened to while walking in the Reading Public Museum arboretum in Reading, Pa.

You can find these scripts and more, including monologues, at my New Play Exchange page.