Here are some of the news stories and columns I’ve had published recently.

Recent columns:

Fake news makes facts far too elusive (subscription)

Time to silence the online bullies (subscription)

#MeToo gave women a voice. Now someone is listening. (subscription)

Facebook is an ad agency, not a social network (subscription)

The good, the band and the unoriginal of online content (subscription)

Don’t let social media decide your happiness (subscription)

Truther trolling is far too prominent (subscription)

The Internet can make you smarter, believe it or not (subscription)

Other stuff:

My play “Trapped” was featured in the Reading Theater Project’s annual Fringe Festival, “Fairy Tales: Fact or Fiction?” Feb. 16-18. Reading Eagle reviewer Susan Peña said of the play:

If I were judging the festival, the hands-down winner would be Adam Richter’s witty “Trapped,” impeccably performed by Jeanette Fotis as Rapunzel, who has been given a smart phone by her prince, and Kath Godwin as her overprotective mother. It’s a tiny gem, a sly social commentary on alternative facts and conspiracy theories with no wasted words.

Music reviews:

The Richter Scale – Lyrics Born, Hellogoodbye (.pdf)

The Richter Scale – Robert Plant, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Belle and Sebastian (.pdf)

The Richter Scale – Wanda Jackson, The Decemberists, Amos Lee (link)

The Richter Scale – Pearl Jam ‘Vs.,’ ‘Vitalogy’ Reissues (link)

The Richter Scale – Social Distortion, British Sea Power (link)

Classicalvinylist.com – ‘Review: Bach & Friends on DVD’ (link)


Gone too soon: Chris Cornell’s voice continues to resound (subscription)

Gen X makes its mark (subscription)

Philly punk band The Menzingers rocking Reverb (Reading Eagle) (link)

The life Agnostic: Roger Miret and Agnostic Front revive their classic album ‘Live at CBGB’ at Reverb (Reading Eagle) (link)

A Love of Latin Music (.pdf)

Father and Child Reunion (.pdf)

A Comedian Walks Into a Theater … (.pdf)


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