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Data and enterprise stories

Enterprise stories based on data reporting:

What it means for Reading to have the highest percentage of Latinos in Pa. (with Lisa Scheid)

Reading now the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania, according to census data

4 facts about Berks County that the 2020 Census revealed

Home values have risen by 10% or more in most of Berks County

Latest census numbers extend Pennsylvania’s losing streak in Congress

Incomes rise, poverty falls in Reading and Berks County, census data show

You need to make $17.83 an hour to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in Berks County, new report says

New census numbers show Berks County is older and has fewer residents of working age

Reading born, Reading bred? Census numbers show that’s less and less likely [Opinion]

Latinos now make up 23 percent of the Berks County population, new census numbers show

Berks County’s population is growing faster than the state’s

City of Renting

A series of stories that took an in-depth look at the housing situation in Reading, Pa. The series included an interactive map showing the areas of the city with the most renters.

City of Renting: Why Reading’s homeownership rate has fallen since 1970

Where they stand: Mayoral candidates on housing issues in Reading

City of Renting: The challenges of owners and tenants in Reading

In Allentown, more people would rather rent than buy

Reading’s real estate transfer tax is the highest in Pennsylvania

The 17 biggest holders of rental properties in Reading

City of Renting: How Reading is learning from other places in drafting a housing strategy, and what Pottstown has already learned

Berks County farm income grew in 2017, even as the number of farms shrank, 2017 Agricultural Census shows

Since 2009, 19 tornadoes have hit Berks and surrounding counties; here’s where they struck [Map]

In winter, some roads are more accident prone than others; here are 5 of the worst in Berks

It’s not your imagination: Census figures show your commute is getting longer, Berks County

Reading’s poverty rate falls, but new Census numbers a mixed bag for Berks County [Graphics]

Advantage blue in 2 of 3 Berks County congressional districts

Columns and essays

Reading makes aggressive push to get people counted for 2020 census [Opinion]

How to read the news: When to trust the experts [Opinion]

How to read the news: Getting the sources straight [Opinion]

Debunked video provides a lesson in detecting hoaxes online [Opinion]

Boycott might not be enough to change Facebook’s behavior [Opinion]

If you want to be a an anti-racist, stop talking and start listening [Opinion]

The coronavirus pandemic is a fight on 2 fronts: disease and misinformation [Opinion]

An undercounted census will hurt more than you think

Reading didn’t deserve the title of ‘Poorest City’ in the United States

Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘Evicted’ sheds light on an unseen force in the housing crisis

High school senior’s racist tweet shows a lack of education

Opinion: We need real newspeople to protect us from ‘fake news’

Facebook is too big, but we’re too addicted

The 2020 Census is for everyone, not just citizens

An incredible image of a black hole gives us all a sense of wonder

‘Free’ news can not sustain itself

On Web’s 30th anniversary, hate speech shows us how disconnected we are

The Momo Challenge is not what threatens kids online

Reading’s mayor crosses the church-state line in Christmas video

Social media erodes trust in news, yet we still need it

Lonnie Walker IV’s July 4 tweet deserves a second look

Even Generation X falls into the trap of nostalgia

Gone too soon: Chris Cornell’s voice continues to resound

Adam Richter: Social media brings light to unconscious racial bias

Words still matter, despite the latest online trends