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For the new year, a simple resolution

I posted this on Mastodon earlier today, just a kernel of a thought. Since one of my New Year’s resolutions is (or ought to be) more blogging, it seems fitting to re-post it here as an actual blog post.

In 2023, my New Year’s resolution can be boiled down to a simple word:


That doesn’t mean excess. Rather, in the last few years I’ve learned what brings satisfaction and a healthy outlook, and I know that a lack of these things — or insufficient attention to them — can lead to a downward spiral. While 2022 was not a bad year, it’s a year that I let good habits slip away. So for this new year, my goal is:


More walking.

More listening to records.

More learning.

More writing in notebooks with a pen.

More writing plays.

More writing, period. (shopping lists and blog posts totally count)

More staying in touch with friends and family.

More reading.

More creating.

More exercise.

More meditating.

More reading plays on New Play Exchange.

More thank-you notes to people who read my plays on New Play Exchange.

More plans with friends.

More following up on plans with friends.

More games with my kid.

More time with my wife.

More printed magazines.

More recycling of printed magazines after, not before, I’ve read them.

Less Twitter.

I hope for nothing but more of whatever brings you happiness in the new year.

I will try to be less maudlin in future posts.

No promises. It’s not a resolution, after all.

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