New release Tuesday: Alpha Rev, ‘Bloom’

Photo by Darin BackAlpha Rev
Photo by Darin Back
Alpha Rev

You might have heard “Sing Loud” by Alpha Rev, the folk-rock band made up of several Texas natives. You might also have noticed that, befitting a mostly acoustic folk-rock band, that “Sing Loud” is actually a pretty quiet tune.

The chorus gets a little rowdy, but with a song title like “Sing Loud,” you kinda have to, no matter what your style of music is.

Anyway, if you have heard it and you decide you like this band, today is your lucky day. The group’s third full-length album, “Bloom,” comes out today on Kirtland Records. It’s available on vinyl, CD or (if you must) mp3 download.

In a news release, singer Casey McPherson explained the album title thus:

“To bloom implies something beautiful is going to happen, but it’s a process – like all our journeys.” 

If you haven’t heard “Sing Loud,” watch the video from the band’s website. I didn’t think much of the song at first listen, but I have had a hard time getting it out of my head.

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